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Overcoming illness and restoring health is the primary focus of this natural medicine clinic. Many people spend years struggling to find wellness, but their efforts fail. Others have been confused or put off by doctor after doctor and no longer trust conventional medicine to help them.

We Find the Root Cause of the Problem

Every illness must grow out of an underlying cause. Natural medicine doctors believe the body will heal itself when the cause of the illness is identified and properly addressed. Julia Marino, our Natural Medicine Doctor Houston, has spent more than 30 years evaluating and assisting compromised body systems.

We Use Specialized Testing Methods

Autonomic Response Testing is our primary assessment tool. This involves the use of physics to make a clear assessment of an individual’s physical condition. This highly specialized testing allows us to determine the primary cause of any illness. Once the cause has been identified, an effective combination of nutrients can be chosen to help the body overcome illness. Natural medicine doctors identify seven factors they suspect cause illness. Their assessment methods are designed to evaluate those seven factors. This noninvasive test evaluates organs, fields of interference (i.e., scars, past injuries, etc.), allergens, hormones, electrical sensitivities, and other unresolved issues. Many lives have found restoration through ART testing. As proper nutrients are absorbed, body tissues begin to regenerate and the body moves rapidly toward healing and repair.

Our Program Works

We test nutrients, herbals, and other natural healing methods to put together the most comprehensive recommendation to treat YOUR symptoms. Homeopathy is used where needed. We offer you the BEST in natural medicine. The underlying causes of illness in every body system are addressed in our totally comprehensive program. Experience a stronger immune system as our customized mixture of nutrients absorb into your body tissues, promoting healing and restoration in every body system.


Unresolved Emotions & Illness

How are Unresolved Emotions and Illness Related?

Many chronic illnesses have been associated with unresolved psychological issues. It is well accepted that physical issues often resolve more quickly when the physical and psychological needs are addressed at the same time.

Because it is always our preference at Natural Health Innovations to seek whole-body wellness, we have seen miraculous results using this combined approach. However, we only address unresolved issues in the restoration plan when an individual is ready and wants to seek deeper healing.

Unresolved emotional issues can overwhelm the body and cause it to hold on to toxic substances. We use Autonomic Response Testing to assess the physical body and applied psychokinesiology (a form of biofeedback counseling developed by Dr. Klinghardt) when needed to address emotional issues. This approach helps us achieve the best possible restoration of health for many clients.

At Natural Health Innovations, Inc., we want to restore balance to the whole body by incorporating healing at all levels. Our goal is to help individuals realize that every thought, belief, action and deed has a direct effect on the course their health and life takes. By identifying the root causes for any imbalance in the system, one can directly influence the course of their lives. Using Autonomic Response Testing, we check each step in the process to determine which nutraceutical agents and/or conflict resolutions would be proper for each individual.


Chronic Illness

Alternative medicine doctors are often successful treating illnesses conventional medicine doctors cannot. Alternative medicine’s success stems from the difference in our philosophy toward chronic illness.

Natural medicine practitioners see the human body as highly sophisticated and designed to heal itself. When all systems are in perfect balance, the body is capable of overcoming most illnesses. Once the offending imbalance is located and properly addressed, the body will again take on responsibility for restoring its health.

Other Influences on Chronic Illness

Another area of concern to natural medicine practitioners is how drastically chronic illnesses are influenced by exposure to chemicals, pollutants from heavy metals, electromagnetic frequencies, radiation and other environmental factors. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi have been shown to multiply rapidly after exposure to electromagnetic frequencies, allowing chronic illnesses to take up residence.

Our Goal for Chronic Illness

Natural medicine doctors are often the treatment of last resort. Many individuals suffering from chronic illnesses will not come to a naturopath until they try conventional medicine doctors in every specialty over a course of several years. They may or may not be on medications when we see them. Some may feel there is no hope they will ever feel good again. All are searching desperately for something that will help.

At Natural Health Innovations, our goal is to show individuals who have failed to achieve quality of life through conventional medicine how to reactivate their body’s ability to promote its own healing.



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